Get involved

Would to get involved and at the same time change Ryd to something better? Would you like to try to work with projects or do you have a plan of something you would like to implement? Then FR Ryd is something for you! Within FR Ryd there are opportunities for you to get service and bikes experience and also how to arrange, promote and implement various projects.

The Board

Would you like to work with a project or try some the work that the board does? Then you should join the FR Ryd board. Besides the usual work of the board, we are also working at the lending service and arranging events such as speed dating, participating at KALASmottagningen etcetera.

Being active in FR Ryd gives you the following:

  • Valuable experience in leading an organization in practice
  • A good track of your CV and accompanying certificate of service
  • Opportunities to change Ryd through creativity and collaboration
  • A platform with resources that give you the chance to prove your worth
  • A forum where you can meet lots of people from around the world
  • A Chance to participate in the super fun meetings, parties and kickoffs

We are looking for people with:

  • Commitment to make a difference
  • Potential that can flourish in a stimulating environment
  • An open mind to take on new challenges


The Bike Repair Shop

Would you like to learn more about bikes and help other people with bike problems? Then the Bike Repair Shop is something for you!

It doesn’t matter if you have competed in “Tour de France” or if you have never seen a bike before, in the Bike Repair Shop you will get all the knowledge you need. You will learn to troubleshoot and repair bikes while you are helping others and making some new friends.

For more information or if you would like to make an application, contact the Bike Repair Shop manager at

The Lending Service

Would you like to get involved in FR Ryd in some way but not in the board then this is the right thing for you. You can work at our office at Alsättersgatan 7 where we have our lending service which is open during two days of the week for one-hour session each time. This means that working at our lending service won’t take a lot of time and your working spot won’t be far away from your home.

We’re looking for people that:

  • Are service minded
  • Can speak English
  • This means that you will get:
  • Experience in service and the booking system
  • Help students from all over the world
  • Practice your English and perhaps some other languages
  • Get to know new people within the board and the people who also work at the lending service
  • A really nice FR Ryd polo shirt!