Welcome to FR RYD

A non-profit organization


FRRYD is a student organization located in Ryd, Linköping. It is organization by the student and for the students of Linköping University. As a resident of a property owned by studentbostäder in Ryd, you are automatically a member of FR Ryd. We offer services like lending service and bike repair workshop to ensure that accommodation in RYD is as comfortable as possible.

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Our Vision

To see several smiles in RYD as a result of the perfect service and the opportunity we offer to the members of FRRYD.

Our Mission

To support students on issues related to housing and in general improve the students living situation in RYD.
OUR Services

We provide wide range of services to help our members. We conduct weekly bicycle workshop and Lending Service..

Bicycle Workshops

Sundays between 17:00 and 20:00 *


Lending Services

Sundays between 19:00 and 20:00*
* With exceptions for holidays and exam periods.
Other Student Organizations at Ryd.

You can check for available rooms in RYD and book Ping pong table, Laundry, Billiards Room etc at Studentbostäder website. You can check for available housing in Linköping on Kombo Website